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The Issue
The owner of three major weight loss brands approached Klic Media in 2019 for help in reversing a persistent decline in YOY online sales income. The business had previously employed an intern to handle its social media accounts and an email marketer to create and send monthly and holiday email campaigns for sales.

The Approach
In addition to managing social media channels, creating content, and email marketing methods, the team also launched a comprehensive SEO content campaign that included link building, focused messaging, and guerilla marketing techniques.

The Outcome
Klic Media was able to stop the income decline and raise total online sales by more than $155K during the duration of our 20-month partnership. Our marketing tactics were able to source the following outcomes in 2020 amid a global pandemic:

- Brand #1 had a roughly $37,000 gain in revenue in 2020, an estimated 6% increase in revenue from the previous year.

- Brand #2 had an expected $105,000 gain in revenue in 2020, up over 20% from the previous year.

- Brand #3 saw an expected $13,000 gain in revenue in 2020, up about 19% from the previous year.

The team firmly believes that a successful content marketing strategy may produce outcomes that are both better and more long-lasting than those of PPC advertising strategies.

Get in touch with us right away to get started if you're interested in seeing these kinds of results for your small business.

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